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December 12, 2005

After lengthy discussions, it appeared that David will be on the stage along with the band Lightseekers for a special show on February 11, 2006. The performance will fall in the scope of a showcase for the band, which will be recorded on tape and shot by no less than half a dozen cameras! If you wish to attend the private party, you need to ask the record label for invitations. For those of you who will not be able to make it to this unique performance, be sure to come back and check on the website for the videos to download.

November 10, 2005

Okay we are done. It took well over a year to prepare, organize and coach the writing, record the demos, produce the record, mix it and now, David can rest. Silence Records is going to take care of the promotion now and try to shop for a distribution deal, or a co-production with a major label. The band Lightseekers, can be found on Silence Record's website along with news about the release. What is David doing next? "I don't have a clue." We will let you know when we're given 2006's schedule. Until then, give Lightseekers a listen, you might surprise yourself liking this heavy rock LP!...

February 28, 2005

Here we are back in the studio! David has teamed up with the band LightSeekers in September 2004 to produce and record their first album. Basically all demos have been recorded, most songs are finished being written, and the first drum tracks have been laid down over the week-end.
The album should take about three months for production and depending on the distribution deal will be out for release by the end of the summer. We will post some songs on Silence Records' website as soon as the record's out so you can hear Davey's work! Oh, and this time it is Metal...

September 6, 2004

David met with sound engineer Romain Cassan, songwriter Lopium, and guitar player Olivier in order to discuss the writing and recording of Dave's second LP. They planned to start recording in the Fall, hoping to have the record finished in late spring and due for release in the summer of 2005. We will place demos as soon as we get them on this website. And off we go!

April 1, 2004

David just finished a new demo CD for Lucas. A total of 5 songs, some of which we put on this website. We are still in the waiting for any collaborative work possible with the L5. The new MP3 songs available are :
My Life Won't Start (2003)
Faudrait Qu'Je Dorme (2003)
Elle Aime Comme Elle A Peur (2004)
What You Got (2004)
I Found Out (2004)
Etre Un Ange (2004)
L'Echarpe Rouge (2004)
Si Nos Curs Se Perdent (2004)
Check out the discography page.

January 5, 2004

During his last trip to Paris, David met with a young agent in charge of providing signed artists with songs for their following records. Upon listening to Dave's demo, he asked him to try and write songs for these people.
The artists in question are the girl group L5, signed with Universal Music, France, and musical Autant en Emporte le Vent lead singer Vincent Niclot, signed with M6 Interactions.
David is now working on three songs for the L5 and will then work on Vincent's case.

January 1, 2004


So here it is, a new website, a new domain, a new year. It seems we had to shut everything down for a while in order to think thoroughly about what to do next. David had to take time off while and after he was working on Doobie System's second album.
David now has many projects as a songwriter. Hopefully some of them will see the dawn. That means of course more time in Paris and more time in the studio. We will try to place songs here as soon as they are registered with the Copyright office, so you can be the first to hear David's latest songs.

December 15, 2003

Doobie System's third LP A Pas de Loup has been released. The album, produced by David for Silence Records, was recorded between February and December 2003 and includes 13 tracks (plus a bonus one from two years ago).
David reworked a couple of songs with the band, wrote the vocal and horn arrangements, and played all the keyboard tracks as well as some percussion and background vocal tracks. The official release of the album is yet to be set with the press.